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Feminism: Home

This guide is designed to help user explore and discover Feminism. The guide was created in conjunction with the Feminist Club at HSFI

How to Use this Guide

This guide will help you discover and explore Feminism.  The Guide is divided into seven sections. Below is a description of the guide and what you will find in each section.

This LibGuide provides resources for the Feminist Club at HSFI, as well as the student body. Resources include books, videos, websites, etc to help students understand Feminism and the importance of Gender Equality for all. 

This LibGuide is separated into several sections to help with the ease of navigation. These sections include:

  • What is Feminism?

What does Feminism actually mean? What are the stereotypes about Feminism? This section will help you to understand the meaning of Feminism and debunk some of the myths associated with Feminism.

  • Gender Equality

Feminism involves gender equality. This section provides resources on gender equality.

  • Feminist Books and Authors

Look here to find books and authors that deal with feminist issues. 

  • Videos

Look here to see videos that deal with feminist issues, as well as some of the books and authors mentioned in the previous section. 

  • Social Issues

What can you do to help? How can you get involved? Where can you discover more? This section provides information on International Women's Day, the Women's March, and Sexual Assault/ the #metoo Movement. 

  • Feminism and Fashion

How do Feminism and Fashion interact? 

  • Shelf Talkers

Do you want to recommend a feminist book or author to your peers? In this section, you will learn how to create shelf talkers. Shelf talkers are recommendations that are written by your peers and placed on the shelf near the recommended book.

  • The Feminist Club at HSFI

Find out how to contact the Feminist Club here!

HSFI Library Catalog

Use the link above to search the Library Catalog at HSFI

Rosie the Riveter

Iconic photo from World War two of Rosie the Riveter.



The High School for Fashion Industries, 225 W. 24th Street, New York, NY 10011        Created by Brynn Rabinowitz, Library Student Teacher